Thursday, 14 January 2010

Guest lecturer at the Institute of Informatics of Tallinn University (Estonia)

I am currently a guest lecturer at the Insitute of Informatics of Tallinn University (Estonia) for the Interactive Media and Knowledge Environments (IMKE) international new media master program.
My 5 ECP online course "Value Chains in New Media" will start on February 8. 2010:

Social Community Management course at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

I'm currently a lecturer for the pilot course "Social Community Management" at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

This course will give student's both theoretical and practical knowledge of social community / media management.
The course is carried out in conjunction with Muxlim, the world largest Muslim online lifestyle community and Voimaa, an European Union project that promotes new ways of boosting studies and career development of immigrants.
The course is open to students from design, media, culture and business.

Here are more info about the course on wiki: