Wednesday, 30 September 2009

New articles in "Au Présent" September-October 2009

In the new issue of Au Présent (September-October), I've published a paper on the hot topic of the "fonctionnaires", the French State officers. To reduce the national debt, France has decided to make drastic cuts into the 5 milions of State Officers. This is not an easy task! But the country doesn't have any choice and the decisions of the governement have created lots of controversy.

I've also published some smaller papers on the return of French people to the countryside. After being neglected, the life in the country seems to attract more and more people, especially among youngsters. Other papers included the new train line between Paris and Nice which will open in 2025; the breaking record of success to the matriculation exam (Baccalauréat) in 2009 with a success rate of 86 %; the end of incandescence bulbs in France; and the "rentrée littéraire" 2009 with the publication of 659 new novels.

You can also find portraits of Rama Yade, the new Sport State Secretary; of Karim Bezema, transfered to the Real Madrid for 35 millions Euro; and Pascal Lamy, reelected as the director of WTO.

I'll also publish soon an article about the Picasso exhibition held at the Finnish National Museum, Ateneum.

Bonne lecture !

Monday, 3 August 2009

Online articles - "Secret Helsinki"

On the website of 'Le Francofil', you can read 2 of my articles presenting the "Secret Helsinki": unusual and interesting places to discover in the Finnish capital.
Visit the swimming pool of Yrjönkatu and the dark sides of Suomenlinna fortress:

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Articles- Au Présent July/August 2009

In the latest issue of 'Au Présent:
I have published an article on the prison system in France. Prisons are heavily criticised for the violence, insecurity and lack of intimacy that the inmates have to tolerated. Installations are more than outdated and prisons guards have to cope with a high level of pressure on the everyday level.

I have also presented Jean-Luc Hees, the new president of Radio France; the French golf player Glawdys Nocera; and Claudie Haigneré, former austronaut and current president of Cité de la Science.

How much a night in a French camping costs? Find out the answer in the article!

Some other small articles on various subjects can also be found: Turkey has been chosen for the 'Cultural Season' / 'Saison Culturelle' 2010; the number of 'green' cars is increasing on the French market; national art museums are now free for young people (less than 26); the motorcycle race 'Les 24 heures du Mans' is now open for bicycles.

Bonne lecture et bonne rentrée !

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

New articles in 'Au Présent' and 'Le Francofil': gambling monopoly, NATO, Gallen-Kallela and many more!

New articles have been published in the latest issue of Au Présent (May-June 2009): in the 'society' column, I am presenting the end of the historical gambling monopoly in France. In 2010, online gambling will be allowed in France for the first time but only for real life sport events and poker games.
In the 'news' column, you'll find articles about the renewed membership of France to NATO; about the effects of the economical downfall on French people's summer holidays; about Pyrenean glaciers' melting; about the first commercial flight of the A380 Airbus plane; and the candidature of Annecy for the 2018 winter olympic games.
In this new issue of Au Présent, I am also introducing Michel Desjoyeaux, winner of the prestigious sailing competition 'Le Vendée Globe'; the songwriter Jean-Loup Dabadie, new member of the Académie Francaise; and Stéphane Guillon, France-Inter radio presentator and stand-up comedian who makes celebrities shake in their boots.

In the summer issue of Le Francofil' (May-August 2009), now distributed in Finland and Sweden, my article about the Finnish painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela and his illustration of the national epic, the Kalevala, has been re-edited. A great exhibition about the Kalevala is by the way on display in Ateneum, the Finnish national art museum, until August 9.
This article about Gallen-Kallela, as well as 2 other articles about Helene Schjerfbeck and Ville Vallgren, are now available on line on the website of Le Francofil':
Ps: Au Présent will be for now on published every 2 months in an extended version and for a cheaper price. Bonne lecture !

Thursday, 9 April 2009

'France on strike!' in Au présent-April 2009

My latest dossier in Au présent is entitled: 'When France is on strike' ('Quand la France se met en grève'). France has this image of a country always on strike, ready to fight for its social benefits. If it's true that French people are more ready to demonstrate than in other European countries, the percentage of union membership is one of the lowest of Europe: only 7%. In Scandinavia, it can be up to 90%.
I present also a portrait of the politician Robert Badinter who fought for the abolition of death penalty in France (abolition in 1981), of the actress Isabelle Adjani in her latest movie La journée de la jupe, and of the swimmer Laure Manaudou.

Bonne lecture !

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Conference about impressionism in Lahti on March 30

On Monday March 30 at 7 pm in Lahti, I will give a conference on impressionnism in French. Welcome! Bienvenue !

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Conference "Gastromony of Northern France" in Hyvinkää

On March 20 (6.30 pm) at Tapainlinna school's amphitheater in Hyvinkää (Torikatu 30), I will give a conference in French language about the gastromony of Northern France (La gastronomie du Nord Pas-de-Calais). Bienvenue !

Monday, 2 March 2009

Welcome to Le Francofil'!!!

6 years ago the newspaper Le Francofinn' was created in Finland, becoming the only French speaking magazine of Finland. Now, Le Francofinn' has merged with the Swedish French speaking website Francofil ( and has become Le Francofil'! This brand new newspaper will be distributed not only in Finland but in all Northern Europe, beginning with Sweden.
Le Francofil' will remain practically the same in its form and content but will represent french-speaking world in all Northern Europe. My articles about art, especially Finnish art, will be still featured in the same way!

In the March/April issue of Le Francofil', you can find my article about the Finnish painter Yrjö Ollila, 'Un arc-en-ciel sur la toile’ ('A rainbow on the canvas'). A bientôt !

Au Présent-March 2009 "The revolution of French television"

In the March issue of Au présent, I've published a file on the revolution of French television: 'La télévision francaise en pleine révolution': history of French television, reality TV, challenges of public channels, digitalisation...
Among the presented French personalities are the gorgeous actress Isabelle Huppert, the new "Mister healthcare" Alain-Michel Ceretti, and the football legend Jean-Pierre Papin.
Bonne lecture !

Disney in Taidemuseo lehti / magazine

My article about the Scandinavian inspiration sources in Disney's movies can be found in Taidemuseo magazine (February 2009): ‘Tontut, keskiaikainen kaupunki ja Tuonelan joutsen-Disneyn pohjoismaiset inspiraation lähteet’ ('Dwarfs, medieval city and Swan of Tuonela-The Scandinavian inspiration sources of Disney').

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

"Au Présent"-February 2009-The danger of amplified music

In the February issue of "Au Présent", I have published the following article: "Musique amplifiée, un danger ?" ("Amplified music, a danger?") dealing with the health risk of listening music at a too high level (MP3, concert...), especially among teenagers and young adults.

I'm also preseting a small portrait of the singer Julien Doré; of Martine Aubry, new secretary of the French Socialist Party (PS); and of the actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg, next president of the Césars ceremony (French equivalent of the Oscars).

Saturday, 10 January 2009

"Louis Sparre" and "The National Library of Finland" in Le Francofinn

In the January/February issue of "Le Francofinn", I have published an article about the painter Louis Sparre: "le plus finlandais des peintres suédois" ("the most Finnish of the Swedish artists").
I have also published an article about the National Libray of Finland.

"La France d'Outre Mer"/"Over sea France" in Au Présent

In the January issue of Au Présent I have published a dossier on "Over sea France" presenting not only the tourism industry but also the social issues of these French territories.

I also presented the road security policies in France (alcohol problems, overspeeding...) and a small portrait of the rallye driver Sébastien Loeb, of the actress Marion Cotillard (new icon of Dior) and of the documentary director and photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand, new member of the French Academy.

Yougsters and alcohol in France in "Au Présent", December 2008

In the December issue of Au Présent, I have pubished an article about the alcohol consumption of youngsters and the prevention campain from the Minsitry of Health.

I also presented short portraits of the literature Nobel prize winner J.M.G Le Clézio; of the promissing young actress Léa Seydoux; and of the president of French Senate, Gérard Larchet.