Wednesday, 13 May 2009

New articles in 'Au Présent' and 'Le Francofil': gambling monopoly, NATO, Gallen-Kallela and many more!

New articles have been published in the latest issue of Au Présent (May-June 2009): in the 'society' column, I am presenting the end of the historical gambling monopoly in France. In 2010, online gambling will be allowed in France for the first time but only for real life sport events and poker games.
In the 'news' column, you'll find articles about the renewed membership of France to NATO; about the effects of the economical downfall on French people's summer holidays; about Pyrenean glaciers' melting; about the first commercial flight of the A380 Airbus plane; and the candidature of Annecy for the 2018 winter olympic games.
In this new issue of Au Présent, I am also introducing Michel Desjoyeaux, winner of the prestigious sailing competition 'Le Vendée Globe'; the songwriter Jean-Loup Dabadie, new member of the Académie Francaise; and Stéphane Guillon, France-Inter radio presentator and stand-up comedian who makes celebrities shake in their boots.

In the summer issue of Le Francofil' (May-August 2009), now distributed in Finland and Sweden, my article about the Finnish painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela and his illustration of the national epic, the Kalevala, has been re-edited. A great exhibition about the Kalevala is by the way on display in Ateneum, the Finnish national art museum, until August 9.
This article about Gallen-Kallela, as well as 2 other articles about Helene Schjerfbeck and Ville Vallgren, are now available on line on the website of Le Francofil':
Ps: Au Présent will be for now on published every 2 months in an extended version and for a cheaper price. Bonne lecture !