Saturday, 10 January 2009

"Louis Sparre" and "The National Library of Finland" in Le Francofinn

In the January/February issue of "Le Francofinn", I have published an article about the painter Louis Sparre: "le plus finlandais des peintres suédois" ("the most Finnish of the Swedish artists").
I have also published an article about the National Libray of Finland.

"La France d'Outre Mer"/"Over sea France" in Au Présent

In the January issue of Au Présent I have published a dossier on "Over sea France" presenting not only the tourism industry but also the social issues of these French territories.

I also presented the road security policies in France (alcohol problems, overspeeding...) and a small portrait of the rallye driver Sébastien Loeb, of the actress Marion Cotillard (new icon of Dior) and of the documentary director and photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand, new member of the French Academy.

Yougsters and alcohol in France in "Au Présent", December 2008

In the December issue of Au Présent, I have pubished an article about the alcohol consumption of youngsters and the prevention campain from the Minsitry of Health.

I also presented short portraits of the literature Nobel prize winner J.M.G Le Clézio; of the promissing young actress Léa Seydoux; and of the president of French Senate, Gérard Larchet.