Wednesday, 30 September 2009

New articles in "Au Présent" September-October 2009

In the new issue of Au Présent (September-October), I've published a paper on the hot topic of the "fonctionnaires", the French State officers. To reduce the national debt, France has decided to make drastic cuts into the 5 milions of State Officers. This is not an easy task! But the country doesn't have any choice and the decisions of the governement have created lots of controversy.

I've also published some smaller papers on the return of French people to the countryside. After being neglected, the life in the country seems to attract more and more people, especially among youngsters. Other papers included the new train line between Paris and Nice which will open in 2025; the breaking record of success to the matriculation exam (Baccalauréat) in 2009 with a success rate of 86 %; the end of incandescence bulbs in France; and the "rentrée littéraire" 2009 with the publication of 659 new novels.

You can also find portraits of Rama Yade, the new Sport State Secretary; of Karim Bezema, transfered to the Real Madrid for 35 millions Euro; and Pascal Lamy, reelected as the director of WTO.

I'll also publish soon an article about the Picasso exhibition held at the Finnish National Museum, Ateneum.

Bonne lecture !