Thursday, 26 March 2009

Conference about impressionism in Lahti on March 30

On Monday March 30 at 7 pm in Lahti, I will give a conference on impressionnism in French. Welcome! Bienvenue !

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Conference "Gastromony of Northern France" in Hyvinkää

On March 20 (6.30 pm) at Tapainlinna school's amphitheater in Hyvinkää (Torikatu 30), I will give a conference in French language about the gastromony of Northern France (La gastronomie du Nord Pas-de-Calais). Bienvenue !

Monday, 2 March 2009

Welcome to Le Francofil'!!!

6 years ago the newspaper Le Francofinn' was created in Finland, becoming the only French speaking magazine of Finland. Now, Le Francofinn' has merged with the Swedish French speaking website Francofil ( and has become Le Francofil'! This brand new newspaper will be distributed not only in Finland but in all Northern Europe, beginning with Sweden.
Le Francofil' will remain practically the same in its form and content but will represent french-speaking world in all Northern Europe. My articles about art, especially Finnish art, will be still featured in the same way!

In the March/April issue of Le Francofil', you can find my article about the Finnish painter Yrjö Ollila, 'Un arc-en-ciel sur la toile’ ('A rainbow on the canvas'). A bientôt !

Au Présent-March 2009 "The revolution of French television"

In the March issue of Au présent, I've published a file on the revolution of French television: 'La télévision francaise en pleine révolution': history of French television, reality TV, challenges of public channels, digitalisation...
Among the presented French personalities are the gorgeous actress Isabelle Huppert, the new "Mister healthcare" Alain-Michel Ceretti, and the football legend Jean-Pierre Papin.
Bonne lecture !

Disney in Taidemuseo lehti / magazine

My article about the Scandinavian inspiration sources in Disney's movies can be found in Taidemuseo magazine (February 2009): ‘Tontut, keskiaikainen kaupunki ja Tuonelan joutsen-Disneyn pohjoismaiset inspiraation lähteet’ ('Dwarfs, medieval city and Swan of Tuonela-The Scandinavian inspiration sources of Disney').