Thursday, 20 March 2008

Article in the "Nordic Historical Review"

An illustrated article about my dissertation has been published in French in the Nordic Historical Review:

"Le Pinceau et la Médaille. Les réseaux coopératifs d'Albert Edelfelt dans le champ artistique francais. 1874-1905", Revue d'histoire nordique - Nordic Historical Review, Pôle Européen Jean Monnet / Université Toulouse II Le Mirail, CNRS, n. 4, semestre 1, 2008.
Here is an article in Le Francofinn' about this publication:

Monday, 3 March 2008

Book release

The book Suomalaisten Ranska - Kaunis tuntematon published by Ajatus and edited by Louis Clerc and Kristina Ranki has been released on March 6 2008. It includes my article about Albert Edelfelt and the Finnish painters in France in the 19th Century:

Von Wright Brothers-Monet exhibition in "Le Francofinn"- Prostitution in Finland in "6 Degrees"

My articles about the von Wright brothers and about the Monet exhibition in EMMA are published in the March issue of 'Le Francofinn'.

As well, my article about "The reality of prostitution in Finland" is published in the March issue of '6 Degrees':

On Saturday March 1st, I gave a conference in Helsinki työväenopisto about "Believes and supersititions in France".

On Saturday March 15th, I'll give a conference in Vaasa about the life and career of Albert Edelfelt in France.